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Be Kind to Your Mind

Experts in conservative & alternative mental healthcare, KindlyMD™️ therapists & Behavioral Health Clinicians treat mental health disorders & addictions from a place of openness & compassion.
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Why KindlyMD Therapy?

Our Mental Health providers specialize in a range of counseling & therapy modalities to create patient-focused treatment plans. Above all, we strive to create a safe space for healing.

When Should I Seek Therapy?

Patients turn to our licensed therapists for help with anxiety, depression, PTSD, during times of work, parenting & relationship stress, or to navigate major life trauma.

What We Offer

Individual & family therapy sessions
PTSD evaluation, diagnostics & treatment
Prescription Medication Management & alternative therapies, as needed
Integrative therapy for psychedelic experiences
Collaborative team to help lower opioid, alcohol & other drug use
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“I drove away from a doctor’s appointment for the first time feeling like I was heard ... Not just physically getting well, but mentally and emotionally feeling happier, more clear-headed, and grounded.”
Ashtree W.
“Very professional and all-around good people who actually care about each patient. I highly recommend these amazing people and clinic [to] anyone in need of serious help.”
Derek B.
“The atmosphere and staff are all so warm and welcoming. The language and conversations around Mental Health were uplifting and hopeful.”
Chelsea P.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does KindlyMD take insurance?

Yes! KindlyMD currently accepts certain Select Health, Medicare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans and are adding health care plans frequently. Please call for details on insurance coverage before making an appointment to ensure that we accept your specific plan.

Can my therapist prescribe me medication for my condition?

KindlyMD therapists are qualified to provide talk therapy services and, if needed, our Medication Management program can take care of the rest.

Can I see a therapist by telemedicine?

While we do offer telemedicine visits for our patients, certain KindlyMD programs may require a face-to-face visit to establish care.

What therapies do KindlyMD therapists use to create mental health treatment plans?

KindlyMD therapists are trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities. These include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), cognitive processing therapy (CPT), cognitive therapy (CT), prolonged exposure therapy (PE), brief eclectic psychotherapy (BEP), and narrative exposure therapy (NET). They’re also well versed in ACT, EFT, IFS, mindfulness, and expressive therapies, just to name a few.
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