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There Are Downsides to Prescription Medication Treatments

October 3, 2023
There Are Downsides to Prescription Medication Treatments

Treatments rooted primarily in prescription medications have their place in modern medicine. It is common knowledge that some conditions cannot be treated in any other way. But it is also common knowledge that there are downsides to treating with prescription medications. That's why KindlyMD advocates alternatives when they are appropriate.

We operate mainly as a pain management clinic. As such, a lot of our patients are chronic pain patients looking for some sort of relief. Many are using prescription narcotics when they come to us. Some are also using sleeping pills and antidepressants to treat other conditions related to their pain.

Our main concern is that prescription medications have unintended side effects. That is the downside. Unfortunately, side effects have the potential to be worse than the problem they treat. This is yet another reason we prefer to educate patients about alternatives. That is why we promote Medical Cards and plant-based medicine.

Addiction Is a Big One

Narcotic pain medications and sleeping pills could very well be the most commonly prescribed medications our patients are using when they come to us for the first time. Both types of medications have side effects patients need to pay attention to. Addiction is a big one.

Narcotic pain medications are very good at relieving pain. But they are also known to be addictive. That is a big problem for someone who just wants relief from chronic pain.

Sleeping pills can be addictive as well. If taken for a long enough period of time, they can even prevent a person from sleeping at all in the absence of medication. A simpler way to say it is that taking sleeping pills long enough could lead to not being able sleep any other way. This is obviously not healthy.

The News Is Not All Bad

It is clear that treating pain, sleeping problems, and depression with prescription medications has its downsides. But we don't want to leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Know that the news is not all bad. So what's the good part?

Prescription med treatments are rarely the only choice when dealing with things like chronic pain and insomnia. They are not the only option for treating depression. Here at KindlyMD, we specialize in those other options. We help patients explore ways to treat their conditions without using so many prescription meds. Our ultimate goal is to help each one feel better.

Among the many options for chronic pain is obtaining a Utah Medical Card. Cardholders have access to plant-based medicines that are otherwise off-limits. Here is what you need to know about such medicines: they aren't new or experimental. Ancient cultures used them long before there were narcotic pain medications.

They Are Worth Looking Into

There is no way for us to say for sure that plant-based medicines will work for you without first conducting a medical evaluation and consulting with you about your condition. But we can tell you that plant-based medicines are worth looking into. It is worth taking the time and effort to learn more, especially when you consider the possibility of reducing your need for prescription meds.

KindlyMD is not dead set against prescription medications. We fully support any treatment that offers patients the relief they seek. The only point we are making here is that prescription medication treatments have their downsides. Not only that, but they are also not the only game in town.

If you would like to learn more about your alternatives, come pay us a visit at KindlyMD. We look forward to being your partner as you seek better ways to improve your health.

By KindlyMD
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