NEW LOW PRICE: New & Renewal Medical Cards now $149

Major Update: KindlyMD Complete Care Accepts Insurance and Brings Lower Cost to Patients in Utah's Medical Cannabis Program

Dear valued community,

We have some thrilling news to share with you all regarding a significant leap in the world of Medical Cannabis in Utah. This change is set to transform the way many patients access Medical Cannabis and allows for more savings to patients seeking alternative care. Patients who see specific providers at KindlyMD are now given the opportunity to receive 1-year Medical Cannabis Card certifications for only $25. This will help those in our community customize their treatment plan to suit their specific requirements, incorporating mental health services, traditional medications, and alternative medicine as needed. This offer is available now in our SLC/Murray location, with plans to expand to our other clinics very soon.

Why the Excitement?

The dawn of a new era — one where you no longer need to empty your wallet for quality care or the renewal of your Medical Card — is upon us! This is thanks to a groundbreaking approach that KindlyMD has implemented, integrating complete, whole-person healthcare visits with a Medical Cannabis recommendation.

For the past three years, many in our community have felt the burden of out-of-pocket payments for visits to obtain Medical Cannabis access in Utah. Luckily, that narrative has changed. Patients can now establish care under their insurance plan for pain, primary care, anxiety, depression, weight loss, therapy, prescription management, and alternative medicine, to name a few.

Select Insurance Plans Accepted at KindlyMD:
Select Health

Once seen, established patients are then eligible to receive a Medical Cannabis certification (if qualified for cannabis use under Utah state law) for just $25.

A Look at the KindlyMD Journey

As the founder of KindlyMD, I have always been at the forefront of the fight for affordable and accessible Medical Cannabis care. It's an honor to say that my vision and relentless efforts thus far have ensured that patients in Utah not only get higher quality care at lower costs, but also enjoy continuity in their treatment. With recent legislative changes, credentialed KindlyMD providers can treat an unlimited number of patients, unhindered by patient caps previously limiting them from doing so. This means consistent, quality care without breaking the bank.

Self-Pay (cash) Visits vs. the KindlyMD Insurance Copay Model

*QMP costs vary for Medical Cannabis evaluations. QMPs may offer or require more frequent renewals at various rates. Please review the cost comparison chart on the Utah Department of Health and Human Services website.
**Annual fee for patients that require Medical Cannabis certification or recertification. This is not due each visit.

The world of Medical Cannabis has been shrouded in misconceptions, with many hesitant to share their use of cannabis with primary care or other providers. Our dual mission with and KindlyMD remains clear: de-stigmatize alternative medicine for seamless integration in traditional healthcare. This integration is about more than just access; it's about establishing a gold standard of complete care for all patients across our great nation.

Why Choose KindlyMD?

The most evident advantage to establishing care with KindlyMD is reduced cost. But, KindlyMD is so much more than that. We dedicate our efforts to the elevation of patient care standards, integrating alternative treatment, prescription medicine, and behavioral health services into comprehensive care plans. KindlyMD commits to patient care, affordable access, and the destruction of barriers to quality healthcare for patients.

The Utah Medical Cannabis space is undergoing a significant upgrade, and this is just the beginning. We at KindlyMD are excited for what the future holds. To all members of our community, this is your chance to experience top-shelf care without top-shelf costs. Embrace the change and let KindlyMD guide the way. Schedule today.

Stay informed, stay healthy, and we'll see you soon!
Tim Pickett, MPAS-C, Founder & CEO

By Tim Pickett
KindlyMD Founder
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