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How to Maximize Your Utah Med Card With Complete Care

March 5, 2024
How to Maximize Your Utah Med Card With Complete Care

KindlyMD fully supports Utah's Medical Card program and the opportunities to embrace plant-based medicine that come with it. We have been helping patients get their Med Cards since the very beginning, and we have seen nothing but positive results from it. But we can do better. That is exactly what we want to do.

We are here to help patients maximize their Med Cards with additional care. We call it “Complete Care.” It is one thing to have a Med Card and access to plant-based medicines. It's another thing entirely to combine them with a Complete Care strategy that involves an entire team of healthcare professionals. Complete Care at KindlyMD includes:

Evaluations and Recommendations

Med Card applications begin with evaluations and recommendations. We evaluate each and every patient on a case-by-case basis. When plant-based medicines are the best course of action, we recommend a Med Card. But it doesn't end there. When a Med Card needs to be renewed, we are ready to step in with a new evaluation and recommendation.

Returning to KindlyMD for each renewal ensures continuity of care. It ensures that the same clinic continues to follow you along your journey with plant-based medicines. Complete Care is made better that way.

Continuing Education

Our Complete Care also includes continuing education on both qualifying conditions and how plant-based medicine can help. Not every medical condition qualifies for a Med Card. Even when a condition does qualify, plant-based medicines are not always the most appropriate course of action. These are things we want our patients to fully understand. So we make education one of the components in a Complete Care strategy.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Complete Care is individualized care. It is not the one-size-fits-all approach so often seen in modern medicine. We tailor treatment plans to each patient to ensure that the Med Card and plant-based medicine are as effective as possible. So in addition to the Med Card and its associated services, we also offer mental health and medication management services. When traditional medications are called for, we fully embrace utilizing them.

Ongoing Adjustments

Tailored treatment plans are only successful when they are subject to adjustments and modifications. As patients progress along their journeys, medicine types and dosages may need adjustment. Additional care options might need to be offered. And sometimes, some of the care options patients have been taking advantage of can be eliminated.

Complete Care accounts for the fact that a patient's health changes over time. It accounts for physical, mental, and emotional changes. It also adapts to new technologies and treatment protocols. If a patient's treatment plan cannot be modified or adjusted, it is hard to claim that the patient is receiving Complete Care.

Patient Resources

KindlyMD believes that patient knowledge and control are the foundation of Complete Care. We want and expect our patients to be active decision makers in their own care. To facilitate that, we do our best to provide as many resources as we can. In particular, we put a heavy emphasis on keeping our patients up to date on everything from delivery methods to different plant strains. If there is a helpful resource out there, we want to make it available to patients.

The entire KindlyMD staff is very appreciative of the fact that plant-based medicine is available in Utah. When combined with our other services and our operational philosophy, plant-based medicine can be a key component in offering Complete Care. If you have been missing Complete Care and want a better way to better health, we invite you to visit any one of our Utah clinics.

By KindlyMD
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