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The Utah Med Card Is a Legitimate Option for Managing Pain

April 30, 2024

Pain is a topic that can be discussed from an almost limitless number of angles. There are just so many aspects to it that pain is very difficult to put in a box. So it stands to reason that managing pain is similar. There is no one-size-fits-all way to do it for every person. Enter the Utah Med Card.

Historically, the U.S. has been reluctant to embrace the plant-based medicines made available through the Utah Med Card. We will not get into the reasons why. Rather, we have seen a growing acceptance of those medicines in recent years, especially for treating chronic pain. We have made such incredible strides that the KindlyMD team is confident in saying that the Utah Med Card is a legitimate option for managing pain.

More About the Med Card

Although Utah's Med Card program has been active for several years now, there are still plenty of chronic pain patients who either haven't heard of it or don't know how it works. The good news is that the program is fairly simple. As previously stated, a Med Card gives a patient access to plant-based medicines that are not available otherwise.

These are medicines that aren't available by traditional prescription. They also are not sold down at the chain pharmacy. They are dispensed only through state-licensed pharmacies to patients with active Med Cards.

One of the things we do here at KindlyMD is help eligible patients get their cards. If you have been diagnosed with a qualifying condition, our care team can evaluate your health and then recommend you for a Med Card. Then it is as simple as completing an online application form and paying a small fee. Truly, the process of getting a Med Card isn't difficult.

After You Get Your Card

Obtaining a Utah Med Card is just the start of the journey toward feeling work alongside you with a range of additional services designed to help you feel better.

It has been said that using a Med Card and its associated plant-based medicines to manage pain is more of a journey than anything else. We cannot argue with such sentiments. For so many patients, managing pain is not a matter of taking a single drug or undergoing a single procedure followed by the pain immediately stopping. That's why we discuss chronic pain in terms of management rather than healing.

After getting your Med Card, you are likely going to need additional care to improve the way you feel. Our team is here to provide it.

An Option Worth Considering

One last thing we would like to encourage you before closing this post is the idea of the Utah Med Card being worth considering. We have no way of knowing where you are or how pain is affecting you. However, we do know that it is not uncommon for chronic pain patients to try every traditional treatment and still find very little relief.

Med Cards are available to chronic pain patients in Utah. You have nothing to lose by getting your card and beginning a journey with plant-based medicines. If the Med Card and its medicines don't work for you, you've only lost a little bit of time along with a minimal application fee. But if you do find the relief that you're after, the time and effort you put into getting your card will pay for itself.

By KindlyMD
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