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Herbal and Plant-Based Medicine: Similar but Not Identical

Among KindlyMD's services is assistance in obtaining and renewing a Utah Medical Card. A Med Card gives you access to certain plant-based medicines that would otherwise be out of reach. Plant-based medicine is something we strongly believe in. That being the case, we do not want patients to confuse it with herbal medicine.

Herbal and plant-based medicine share some similarities. However, they are not identical. There are enough differences between the two disciplines to make understanding them worthwhile. And for the record, KindlyMD is not opposed to herbal medicine in principle.

Herbal Medicine Is a Broader Concept

One of the things that herbal and plant-based medicine have in common is the emphasis on treating diseases and medical conditions with a variety of plants and plant parts. In herbal medicine, any part of a given plant is up for grabs. This includes leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, etc.

Herbal medicine takes a much broader approach to treatment. It is recognized by the following characteristics:

  • Treatments and therapies are informed by traditional practices and cultural knowledge.
  • Practitioners do not normally isolate specific compounds, choosing to use an entire plant part instead.
  • Scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of a treatment tends to be lacking.

When you apply for a Utah Medical Card, you are not asking for permission to practice herbal medicine. As long as people are not using illegal substances, they are free to practice herbal medicine as they see fit. In fact, cultures have been doing so for millennia. You could make the argument that herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine known to man.

Plant-Based Medicine Is More Defined

Where herbal medicine is a much broader concept, plant-based medicine is more defined. It does not have to be scientifically based but almost always is. Plant-based medicine combines the potential plants have as medicines with the scientific approach of isolating plant parts and compounds to treat specific illnesses.

Plant-based medicine has some unique characteristics as well:

  • It embraces the scientific approach to investigation and discovery.
  • It emphasizes isolating active compounds with known therapeutic effects.
  • It favors standardization over random therapeutic practices.
  • Scientific data in support of plant-based medicines tends to be more abundant.

When you apply for a Utah Medical Card, you are seeking the legal right to use certain plant-based medicines that are otherwise unavailable. You might prefer actual plant material. On the other hand, you might prefer medicines derived from the plants.

Regardless, a Medical Card gives you access to medicines that are gradually proving themselves to be effective. As scientific research continues, the data in support of such medicines is growing.

The Decision Is Ultimately Yours

Our mindset at KindlyMD is that patients should be in control. That includes you. Whether you are interested in learning more about plant-based medicine or are content with traditional Western medicine, you should have the right to make all your healthcare decisions. We are here to help you with advice, answers to your questions, and a range of services designed to guide you along your healthcare journey.

It could be that plant-based medicine is just what you have been looking for. Maybe you have been thinking about getting a Medical Card so that you can treat chronic pain, PTSD, or another condition with plant-based medicines. Or perhaps what you're really looking for is assistance with medication management.
We are here to help in whatever way we can. Just know that when we speak of plant-based medicine, we are not referring to the broader discipline known as herbal medicine. We are referring to the medicines made available through the Utah Medical Card.

By KindlyMD
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